Student stranded after different thieves steal his car, then his bike

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DENVER -- It was an unfortunate turn of events for University of Denver student Aaron Davis.

Two days after his car was stolen from his off-campus apartment parking lot, another thief stole his bike.

"I went back and I found the cord actually cut with some bolt cutters," he said.

He told the FOX31 Problem Solvers his car, a gray 1998 Honda Civic, was special.

“It is an old beater of a car, but it was important to  me and I appreciated having it, it’s covered in stickers and it’s got a dent in the back. ... A lot of character. I don’t know why anyone would want to steal it.”

Davis earned a partial scholarship but must also work full time to put himself through school. He was trying to go to church when he realized his parking space was empty.

Davis is borrowing a bike and tries to get a ride when he can. The nearest transit station to where he lives is a 45-minute walk.

He said being able to afford a new car right now is out of the question.

Although he is concerned about transportation with winter coming, he still manages to have compassion for the thieves who left him without a way to shop for groceries or go to class.

“I feel kind of sorry for them. I don’t think they know they’re stealing from someone who really doesn’t have a lot," he said.

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