PHOTOS: If It Glitters It Might Be Gold, Purity Ring At The Ogden Theatre

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Denver — Megan James floats on stage like a fifth Pac-Man ghost. She glows in an outfit she likely designed and sewed herself. She definitely picked her shoes. They seem to literally be golden, they’re Superstar Adidas with gold shell toes. She’s completely on point.


She sings ethereal while Corin Roddick bangs his electric drum machine. The sync from his drums DJ’s their light show. A light show that hangs like celestial stars from the roof to floor. It seems simple and effortless, but it’s amazingly complex.

She walks through the lights for an hour like a trek in an electric forest. Megan James is a singing siren in an environment of dots. She’s like a ghost and Corin is a Pac-Man. He drums and conducts the show, chasing her voice with a beat. It’s organic and digital, it’s an amazing paradox. Every strike to his kit effects their stage lights and casts blues, pinks and purples on to Megan’s lightning clad outfit. The orb above the stage is a drum and Megan climbs a staircase into the sky. She joins Corin pounding out the beats. They make great music. The whole thing is electric for the ears and shining like a full moon on the eyes. Have a look for yourself at the photos.