Illegal dumping, careless campers make for eyesore in Evergreen

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EVERGREEN, Colo. -- Broken television sets, shutters and worn-out couches are just some of the garbage found along Squaw Pass Road in Evergreen. According to resident Tim Eagan, it's getting worse.

“This is people who either don’t want to drive to Idaho Springs for the transfer station or they don’t want to pay the fees involved with the transfer station,” Eagan said.

Large trash can be found close to the road, but at many pull-offs, campsites with scattered bottles and food can be found within 100 yards of the road.

At one such site, a headless deer carcass lays among beer cans and food containers. It's a sight Eagan attributes to possible poaching.

“You see the remnants of campfires," Eagan said. "That to me is another concern. Are they burning campfires up here when there are fire bans?”

Illegal dumping is a problem not only in Colorado's national forests, but its grasslands as well. The National Forest Service said dump sites are often found by employees.

“If you go down to some other stops along the way, where there’s flatter land, you’ll see clearly places where people have been camping there,” Eagan said.

To combat the eyesore and negative effect on Colorado wildlife, Eagan has organized a group from his Rotary Club to clean up the area as best they can.

The group is meeting on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. and will accept any volunteers willing to help get rid of the trash.