Early voting tips for new Coloradans

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DENVER -- Early voting in Colorado started Monday. Drive-through locations, ballot boxes, polling places and the mail-in method are options for Coloradans exercising their civic duty.

“There’s no line,” one voter said Monday. “Get in, get out. Pretty quick, pretty easy, pretty painless.”

Instructions on mailed ballots take voters through a step-by-step process. Those voting in person will want to find their polling location and hours of operation online.

If you’re not registered, don’t fret. Registrations are accepted up to and on Election Day on Nov. 8.

With scores of new people in the Mile High City, many have questions about the process in their new state.

New Colorado voters with a driver’s license from a different state should bring a utility bill or something similar to their polling location to verify residency.

A valid passport or other forms of valid government ID is also required.

Election officials said the beauty of early voting typically means shorter lines.

Voters at polling locations are able to vote on a touch-screen tablet or vote by paper. A limited amount of information on the candidates and issues is available at polling locations for in-person voting.

The more voters study beforehand will result in more informed voting and a faster voting process.

After voting in person, you are encouraged to tear up the mail-in ballot to avoid any possibility of voter fraud.