Denver community members to gangs: ‘Enough is enough’

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DENVER -- After a day of three separate shootings, some Denver community members met outside St. Charles Recreation Center to rally against gang violence.

Organized in just one day, the event brought out several dozen people who shared the same opinion: Gang violence is out of control.

"I must do something about it. I must stand up for the African-American community and the Denver community," Sharletta Evans said.

In 1995, Evans's 3-year-old son was killed by gang members from a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting.

Casson Evans died in the seat of his mother's car after a bullet entered his head. Since that day, Evans has campaigned against violence, founding an organization aimed at changing the mindset of the community.

"It's healing in itself for a mother who has lost children to violence to know that someone else cares about the tragedy you've experienced and the hurt and the pain that you experience to lose a child," Evans said.

Speakers at the event recommended the parents of children exposed to gangs can help guide their children in a better direction.

"That's what parenting is. Making choices for our kids. Not allowing them to do what they want to do," Evans said.

Evans has even visited the men convicted in her son's death. At the time of the shooting, two were 15 and another 16. Now, at 36, Evans said the men are repentant for their actions.