Gridiron Grill: Street Tacos

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Chicken Street Tacos


SERVINGS 4-5 YIELD15 Street  Tacos




  1. The Meat:.
  2. Take all of the top ingredients and put in a pan and Marinate for 1 hour. Cook on grill on high, till cooked through. Remove Cilantro and Tear up chicken with two forks or cut into strips.
  3. Heat the tortillas in light oil using cast iron skillet.
  4. Use two tortilla stacked and put a small circle of meat in the middle.
  5. Top with Cilantro, onions, pico de gallo. Squeeze of Lime.
  6. Serve immediately while hot.
  7. Can add some salsa choices to taste.
  8. Can be topped with Favorite Slaw and pickled onions.
  9. NOTE: I used Chicken you can make this with Pork or beef also.
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