Staunton State Park gets all-terrain wheelchair for visitors with disabilities

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PINE, Colo. — A state park about 40 miles outside of Denver now has an all-terrain wheelchair.

Staunton State Park is the first Colorado state park with an all-terrain wheelchair for on-site use, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Staunton is in Pine, about six miles west of Conifer.

“The chair, which operates on tank-like wheels and can go off-road on dirt trails and up inclines, will be available to park visitors with all levels of disabilities,” Colorado Outdoors reported.

The chair includes tilt and attendant joystick functions.

(Photo: Alicia Cohn, Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

(Photo: Alicia Cohn, Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

The nonprofit group Friends of Staunton State Park donated the Action Track Chair.

The license plate is MARK 1 in memory of Mark Madsen, who was quadriplegic and loved exploring Staunton. After he died, his family asked people to make donations to the group in his honor in lieu of sending flowers.

“In August, the Friends of Staunton State Park, in partnership with Mark Madsen’s family, raised over $40,000 to help improve disabled accessibility at Staunton, the first such program at any Colorado State Park,” the group said.

The group has plans to buy a MARK 2 and make the park accessible to more people.

“With the purchase of one, and eventually two, track chairs, efforts to improve trails … and new partnerships formed with organizations that serve the disabled, we are thrilled to say that now almost anyone can come enjoy the great outdoors in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado!” organizers wrote.