Trump supporter uses skunk spray, spike strips to protect campaign signs

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DENVER -- Presidential politics aren't pretty, but it's not just the candidates who are getting ugly this election season.

Supporters of the candidates are also doing some extreme things.

Chuck Corry, 78, said his Donald Trump signs have been defaced, run over or stolen five times in just the past three weeks.


He's now resorting to extreme measures to protect his signs.

"Mess with my stuff, I'll mess with you," the retired Marine said.

Corry has fortified his sign by adding fence posts and steel cable's to keep them in place. He's also surrounded the signs with spike strips, and is using plumbers tape, glue, dog leash anchors and skunk spray to deter vandals.

"We were putting it on because they were pulling it out of the ground by hand. They have an even stronger one, but I haven't gotten that one yet," Corry said.

What Corry is doing might seem extreme, but it's what you might expect from a self-proclaimed stubborn old Marine.

"I've got a right to my ideas and I'll put them out. I'll display them. If you don't like my ideas, that's your business. Keep traveling," Corry said.

Corry acknowledges it might not work. The vandals might return. However, he's already planning his next move.

"I'm not going to tell the enemy what I'm going to do. I'm going to wait for them to find out. Safe to say it's going to be nasty," he said.