Boyfriend smashes pizza in girlfriend’s face; girlfriend shoots boyfriend

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BEAVERTOWN, Pa. -- A family dinner ended with a gunshot at a Pennsylvania home this week, WNEP reports.

31-year-old Jennifer Boop and her two children were sitting down for dinner when she began arguing with her boyfriend, Brandon Doan. At one point, Doan appeared to kick out Boop and her two children, officials said.

Court paperwork explains that as Boop began packing her things in their bedroom when Doan walked in and grabbed her by the hair, then smashed a piece of pizza in her face.

According to investigators, Boop then grabbed a handgun off the dresser and fired one shot into Brandon`s armpit.

According to court paperwork, Boop told police she did not know the gun was loaded and assumed all guns had a safety. Therefore, since she says she never took the safety off, she had no idea how the gun fired.

Doan continues to recover at a nearby hospital.

Boop is being held in lieu of $25,000 bail, the Sunbury Daily Item reports.