Celebrating National Gumbo Day

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Greg Jones from The Lost Cajun shows us how to make gumbo.






2c plain flour (1.5 if thinner gumbo is desired), 1c corn oil. Mix flour and oil well & bake in a non-stick baking pan at 300* for 2.5 hrs, stirring & turning every 30 min. At each turn, tip the pan and blot excess oil with a paper towel. Produces roux for one batch. Multiple batches may be made and divided up and frozen for future gumbos.



(4 qts enough for 2 batches)

5 qt. water, chicken carcass & necks; 1 large onion, quartered;

4 stalks celery, quartered;

2 cloves garlic, smashed;

3 bay leaves;

3 sprigs rosemary;

1 tsp thyme;

1/3 lb smoked sausage.


Simmer for 3 hrs. Add water if needed to keep at 4 qts. Drain liquid and discard solids. Pack per 2 qt. and freeze excess up to 4 months if large batch is made.


OR use "Knorr Homestyle Concentrated Stock" if in a hurry




"The Holy Trinity" of all things cajun:

1 medium large yellow onion VERY finely diced or food processed,

4 ribs celery finely diced

2 medium bell peppers, finely diced





"Other Stuff":

3 bay leaves, salt, cayenne and black pepper to taste (many meats are heavily salted - before adding additional salt, a TASTE TEST IS A MUST about 15 min before gumbo is done),

2 tbs Woostershire, LA brand hot sauce to taste, garlic powder to taste, 8 oz tomato sauce, 1c. drinking quality red wine. 1-2 tsp lemon juice, 1c. cold water, 1qt. very warm water





--2 lbs mixed chicken, finely chopped, 1 lb andouille OR smoked sausage, cut to preference.

Brown sausage and set aside. Brown chicken in sausage grease and set aside in refrigerator.


--2 lbs raw, medium shrimp and 8 oz crab meat. Personally, I don't add the shrimp & crab meat until about 15 min before done. Much longer and the shrimp can get rubbery.





Place roux in 5-7 qt cast iron dutch oven. Complete additional browning over medium heat. Stir constantly with WOODEN flat nose spoon. When the roux is "paper bag" brown and smokes slightly, add 1 c cold water to stop cooking. BEWARE FLASH STEAM!!!!. DO NOT BURN THE ROUX or you will have wasted your time. Add Trinity a continue to stir over medium high heat until veggies are mushy and somewhat transparent. This will be very thick and doughy and may require a bit of stock to loosen it up so you can stir it.

Ladle WARM 2 qt warm stock and 1 qt warm water into mixture and add "Other Stuff." Simmer for 2 hours on LOW bubble with lid on and small crack to prevent boiling over.

Add warmed meat and simmer for 1 more hr - add additional water if it boils down. If it does, your heat was too high and gumbo will have watered down taste.

If desired: at finish, add 1/2 tsp file' by sprinkling slowly in the middle while stirring around the edge of the pot. This will thicken the gumbo in the same way using okra would. Be extremely judicious in using file' as it can completely overpower all other tastes and when over used, is not pleasant tasting at all.