PHOTOS: Dinosaur Jr. Pulls “The Wagon” into the Bluebird Theater

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Denver — Quietly and thoughtfully J. Mascis came on stage with Lou Barlow and Murph. It was a calm beginning to a stormy night, a sonic storm. Dinosaur Jr. took the stage and J. Mascis’ quiet persona quickly turned to noise, precise, well constructed noise. He played beautifully. It felt bigger than just three people. Mascis announced softly “Alright we’re going to play a few new songs.” A wall of sound came like a cloud on the room. It was big and the room is small. His music, their music, is far away from serene. During “The Wagon” Mascis’ three Marshall stacks didn’t roar like thunder. The sound of his amplifiers screamed and Barlow’s bass gave thunder a boom to aspire to. All night Mascis would say a few words, a quick tune of his guitar and they would attack the next song perfectly. His playing, so loud, the P.A. struggled to balance it. It just kept coming. They played old stuff, they played new stuff, they closed with “Just Like Heaven.” A cover of The Cure they’ve done for almost thirty years. It was an amazing sonic breeze through their career. Turn up “You’re Living All Over Me”, “Bug”, “Green Mind” and “Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not” as loud as you can on your home stereo without breaking it and click through these pictures.