Father of triplets goes viral with simple hack to stop backseat battles

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One dad from Ohio proved he has mastered parenting with one selfie.

Jake White used two large pieces of foam core board to separate his three young children in the backseat of his Honda Odyssey.

“And…. No more car fighting. The guys at the drive-thru said it was genius. A day in the life of triplets,” White posted.

“It may bring us closer to world peace one car at a time,” White told Q13 NEWS in Seattle.

(Photo: Jake White)

(Photo: Jake White)

Fellow parents heaped praise on White for coming up with the idea.

“I need to do this for my 13 year old triplets,” one person posted.

“Do they really fight that bad?” another asked.

“Yes!!!!!” his wife, Jen, replied. “They do it to annoy each other. My daughter bites fingers on occasion. I hope it is a phase.”

“They all look annoyed,” one person commented.

“I can’t hear annoyed,” Jake White replied.

Of course there were several people who pointed out the boards could be dangerous if the minivan was involved in a crash, but the family brushed off the negative comments.

“Strangers are often strange,” Jake White wrote.

He also remained unruffled by how much attention the post was getting.

“This kind of stuff is everyday life for us. Not sure why it’s really that popular. Just gonna go with the flow.”

The photo was shared more than 3,200 times from his Facebook page and countless times on other pages.