PHOTOS: This Week at the Ogden Theatre, “Pennywise Is Here”

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Denver — The band named for a clown with a band named for their song brought the whole thing to Colfax Wednesday. It was a power show of punkers, Runaway Kids, Unwritten Law and Strung Out all played. With members of rock band Rise Against hanging in a crowd around the back of the stage, Pennywise performed their quintessential record, “About Time.” They didn’t stop there playing many more songs, covers and anthems. It was a performance and a party that began with “Peaceful Day” and ended with “Bro Him”. Feeling like a basement show where no one owned the stage, the crowd gathered around to listen and participate. The music and sing-a-longs encourage individuality and rising against authority. Punk Rock, like any genre of music, encourages inclusion, especially at a concert or rock show. Pennywise included everyone from the back of the stage to the back of the room to have their voices heard. Check it out.