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Meet Joshua, the Mile High Mohawk

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DENVER -- There’s one Broncos fan that is sure to tower over fans at Mile High when the Broncos take on the Falcons on Sunday.

Joshua Pugh is known as the Mile High Mohawk.

"Three weeks after I met him we cut a mohawk into his hair. It was only 3 inches long or so,” Joshua’s wife Angel said.

“I'm not sure too many wives want to spend more time on their husband's hair than their own, right?”

"I've always been a fan but never thought I’d be the biggest fan,” Joshua said.

Pugh is that guy at Broncos games that gets standing ovations at Mile High and gets booed when he takes it on the road.

“It’s awesome. Who can say they got booed by an entire stadium,” Pugh said.

There’s a price to fame, not just pain, but Joshua and Angel estimate they spend about $2,000 a year on Joshua’s hair.

“It's definitely painful... just pulling hairs randomly out of your head,” he said. “It’s definitely gotten expensive.”

It also takes a lot of time, "I spend 12 hours on my hair before a game.”

It also takes willingness to endure some sleepless nights.

"Luckily we have a sleep number bed that raises up so I can pull myself away from the wall enough to sleep maybe an hour,” Joshua joked.

But, it’s all worth it because it brings people, especially children, lots of joy.

"The smile on the kids faces when they see it and point at it and they're like tugging on their parents, look at this, look at this, that's the best part.”

There’s also a lot of planning that goes into those mohawks – Joshua and Angel say they will never do the same design more than once.