Kasich joins other Republicans pulling support of Trump

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Ohio Governor John Kasich further distanced himself from Trump by issuing a statement confirming he will not vote for him. (Photo YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images)

NEW YORK — Two Republican senators on Saturday announced they were not supporting Donald Trump in the wake of sexually aggressive remarks Trump made in 2005.

Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte became the first sitting Republican senators to back away from Trump following the incendiary comments.

“I have reached the decision that I can no longer endorse Donald Trump,” Crapo said in a statement.

“This is not a decision that I have reached lightly, but his pattern of behavior has left me no choice. His repeated actions and comments toward women have been disrespectful, profane and demeaning.”

He requested Trump step aside so Republicans can “put forward a conservative candidate like Mike Pence who can defeat Hillary Clinton.”

Soon after Crapo’s announcement, Ayotte also said she would not vote for Trump.

“I’m a mom and an American first, and I cannot and will not support a candidate for president who brags about degrading and assaulting women,” Ayotte said in a statement.

Crapo and Ayotte were joined by Governor John Kasich in their rebuff of the Republican presidential candidate. Kasich ran against Trump in the Republican primaries and issued the following statement regarding Trump’s recent controversial remarks regarding journalist Nancy O’Dell:

“Nothing that has happened in the last 48 hours is surprising to me or many others. Many people were angry and questioned why I would not endorse Donald Trump or attend the Republican Convention.

I’ve long had concerns with Donald Trump that go beyond his temperament.

We have substantive policy differences on conservative issues like trade, our relationship with Russia, and the importance of balancing the federal budget.

I’ve held out hope that he would change on those disqualifying policy positions, but he has not.

I’ve also encouraged him to change his behavior for the better and offer a positive, inclusive vision for our country, but he has not.
It’s clear that he hasn’t changed and has no interest in doing so.

As a result, Donald Trump is a man I cannot and should not support.

The actions of the last day are disgusting, but that’s not why I reached this decision, it has been an accumulation of his words and actions that many have been warning about.

I will not vote for a nominee who has behaved in a manner that reflects so poorly on our country.

Our country deserves better.”