UberEATS launches in Denver

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DENVER -- Residents in Denver will now have more food delivery options after UberEATS app launched in the metro area on Friday.

UberEATS offers food delivery seven days a week with full menus from more than 100 local restaurants, including DAE GEE, Bones, Park Burger, or Vital Root.

Cap City Tavern is also one of the restaurants you will find on UberEATS and their owner says it is a simple addition for restaurants.

“It’s incredibly easy,” owner Dino McTaggart said. “They actually give us an iPad and it has one app on it – their app. They’ve already set up our menu and have taken photos of some of our big items.”

It also gives restaurants the ability to slow down or speed up orders and even shut down the app when they are too busy.

“If it’s a Saturday or Sunday during football and we’re not able to take the order, we can just log out of the app,” McTaggart said.

The app just launched a few days ago in Denver, and restaurants like Vital Root say it’s quickly catching on.

“It started the first day with a couple orders then it went into five or six and just right now we’re looking at 12 orders in the last hour or so,” said Jeremy Kittleson, Culinary Director for Edible Beats Restaurant Group.

Through the app you can choose a deliver location, browse local restaurants, and check out with a tap of your finger. You can then track your order from preparation to pick-up and then delivery to your door.

Delivery through UberEATS app will be available downtown, up to I-70 and down to the Denver Tech Center.

So while Uber continues to build its brand, it also serves as a way for restaurants to reach new customers.

“We don’t have any idea what impact Uber is going to have because we’ve never done delivery before but it’s got to give us more reach,” McTaggart said.

Denver is the 29th city to launch UberEATS.

Denver residents will be able to download the UberEATS app and choose from dishes from some of Denver’s favorite restaurants, including DAE GEE, Bones, Park Burger, or Vital Root, and have it delivered directly to their door.

You can also order via ubereats.com.