Getting Lost In The Tattered Cover, It’s Unique To Colorado

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It’s the kind of place where you can the answers to everything, or just whisk yourself away to some far off place. The Tattered cover is one of Denver’s most notable spots for bookworms and visitors alike, and it’s Unique To Colorado.

The history created within the walls at the Tattered Cover is perhaps a story in and of itself.

“The Tattered Cover here on Colfax Avenue was an old theatre. It’s an old converted theatre. At one end of the store you can still see where there’s a stage, you can still see the orchestra pit,” said Len Vlahos, the incoming owner.

After more than 40 years, Joyce Meskis is writing the end of her chapter as the owner of the iconic bookstore. Len Vlahos and his wife are starting a new one.

“For someone who’s worked in the book industry his whole life, that’s literally a dream come true.”

What began as 900 square feet in the early 70’s, has grown into a metropolis of publications. “If there’s something you want to know more about, this is the place to come and find it,” he said.

And if it’s not nestled among thousands of literary works, it certainly can be.

One customer said, “What I love it that if they don’t have a book, they’ll move heaven and earth to get it for you.”

It’s what you might expect from a small indie bookstore. “When Joyce designed these stores, she really designed them to feel like you’re in your living room or a friend’s living room,” Vlahos said.

But, the Tattered Cover is anything but small. There are now seven locations across the Denver Metro area.  “Is really the beating heart of Denver’s literary scene.”

It always has been, attracting authors, celebrities and visitors year after year.

Vlahos said, “It’s a pretty rich history of folks who have come through the doors of Tattered Cover.”

His favorite so far, the former President.

“We had President Jimmy Carter which was a real treat for me. He was such a gentleman, so gracious.”

With more than 500 events every year, the Tattered Cover is invested in book lovers.

And, hoping to inspire future generations through early reading programs, Vlahos brings his excitement to his new home within these walls at the Tattered Cover.

“Is there anything sort of more fun than getting lost in a bookstore for a couple hours?” he asked.

Coming up on Saturday, October 15th, The Tattered Cover is hosting Colorado Teen Book Con at Littleton High School. It’s part of their effort to put authors in schools. There will also be food trucks, presentations and a signing party. For more information, click here