Man captures 2 people on surveillance camera breaking into cars in Northglenn neighborhood

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NORTHGLENN, Colo. -- A man is asking for help after capturing video of two people rummaging through unlocked cars in his Northglenn neighborhood.

Mark Archambeau bought a surveillance system after he said thieves broke into his work truck and attempted to jump-start it five weeks ago.

On Friday, the surveillance system captured what appears to be a male and female going through cars in his neighborhood on East 108th Avenue.

“At [1:25 a.m.] they broke into my neighbor’s cars,” Archambeau said. “They were rummaging through her vehicle.”

Archambeau said he believes the two people were teenagers. He said multiple neighbors on the street reported having their cars broken into early Friday morning.

In the video, the two people are seen grabbing door handles of cars on the street and searching two unlocked cars.

Northglenn police said they were called to the area at 7 a.m. Friday and are looking into the matter.

“Why would young kids be out at 1:25 and parents not where the hell their kids are,” Archambeau said.

He said the two people were taking money or anything of value they could find.

If anyone is arrested, they could face first-degree criminal trespassing charges, police said.

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