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PHOTOS: Bloc Party “Make It Loud, Make it Proud, and Make it Count” on Colfax at the Ogden Theater

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DENVER — Bloc Party’s backbeat seeps into the walls with every beat of the drum, drummer Louise Bartle is an amazing addition to their signature rock and electronica sound, and the reverb that comes from guitarist Russell Lissack’s incredible pedal board is filling out the hall. The crowd is engaged to sing and dance from the minute the foursome take the stage. The pace is lightning, powerful and the set is stacked with great tunes.

Bloc Party is an Indie giant and Kele Okereke’s independent personality was up tall on Tuesday at the Ogden. At one point the mic is passed to the crowd and, “London’s in the building is announced” by a concert goer, they launch in “Hunting for Witches” and “Positive Tension”. Kele begins “The Love Within” by encouraging a giant “pogo” dance, telling the crowd to “get high” as he launches up, “give me grace and dancing feet”. Justin Harris’ bass playing holds the whole thing down. It’s as good as the first Time you heard Silent Alarm. They close the show with an encore and leave the crowd with “Rachet”, “Make it loud, make it proud, make it count”. Here’s what it looked like.

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