Local skin care company to be featured in Emmy Award swag bags

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DENVER -- A new line of skin care products from a Denver-based company is going Hollywood and helping to make hemp mainstream.

"Everything I do is in my dream.  I don’t do anything without a dream,” said Elvis Edwards, one of the founders of CBD Care Garden.

The dream began several months ago when Edwards and his two business partners, Vanessa Marquez and Chris Elawar, set out to locally produce a full line of skin care products infused with cannabidiol.

“I knew that it was going to be big,” Edwards said.

Unlike its cousin THC, cannabdiol won’t get you high. But they say the benefits are endless.

“We put plant ingredients, purest, in their most rawest form, completely organic and combine those plants with the benefits of CBD,” said Marquez, the company's CEO.

“We’re 80 percent organic, 100 percent natural.  We’re all vegan. We’re made here in Colorado,” said Elawar, the chief operating officer and president of the company.

The founders of CBD Care Garden are excited because what once was a taboo subject is now becoming mainstream.

“We’re the buzz of the nation right now,” Marquez said.

Now Hollywood’s elite are taking notice.

CBD Care Garden has been asked to be one of 26 products featured in the VIP Emmy Award gift bags given to all the nominees at this month’s ceremony.

The company that started out of a small Denver loft is now bursting at the seams.

“I mean my favorite actor is going to be wearing this. It’s amazing,” Edwards said.

“I didn’t think this company would excel so fast,” Elawar said.

It’s the products, though, they're most excited about.  They have body wash and deodorant for men and women.  They also created anti-aging lotion, lip balm, lip gloss and body cream.

“My dream come true because I know it’s going to help people,” Edwards said.

The company is growing so quickly it has rented space here in the RiNo district.