Man’s skunk problem solved, at least for now

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DENVER -- A Denver man reached out after trapping a skunk in his yard but couldn't find anyone to take it from there.

The man's house made a perfect place for skunks to migrate. Homeowners and renters can help protect property by removing shelter, food and water.

John Smolski said one lady feeds the skunks, which doesn't help the problem.

"I told her that skunks are the No. 1 carrier of rabies in the state of Colorado and she doesn't care," Smolski said.

Another neighbor trapped a skunk after it kept spraying his dog.

Residents in the neighborhood said the skunks are everywhere.

"It's definitely been a problem, but you know not much we can do obviously," Steve Lane said.

"There's just not enough manpower to come to each and every one of these calls," said Jason Flores with Rapid Pest Control.

Flores said a mild winter made skunk populations explode this summer, calling the area prime real estate for them.

"If you have shelter and you have food and you have water somewhere close to you, it doesn't matter what deterrent you put down they are going to come," Flores said.

He said you need to reduce as many of those things, such as high weeds, dog food, trash and just about anything sitting immediately around a house to make it less attractive.

"Habitat modification is the No. 1 key," Flores said.

Flores returned to take care of the skunk after seeing the Problem Solvers story.

"Ultimately, I just wanted to take to care of the problem before it got any worse for this homeowner," he said.

"I knew it had to go, but I didn't want it to starve to death," Sean Fralick said.

No agency will remove skunks unless they're rabid or have severe injuries.

"We have to take care of all the areas we can to keep these guys from coming into to us," Flores said.

Flores said if skunks have already set up shot around a home, an exterminator likely will need to be called to get rid of them.


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