Several Denver marijuana grow facilities see spike in break-ins

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DENVER -- A Denver security company said it is seeing a spike in break-ins at marijuana grow facilities. Its cameras caught at least four incidents in the past two weeks.

"Everything we do is for security because you don't want anyone coming in here and robbing you at gunpoint," marijuana grower Andy Pritchett said.

Pritchett hired Joel GuilianiĀ Cornerstone Security.

"We try to make sure the doors are protected, that we have motions covering spots that are inside," Guiliani said.

And it's a good thing they do because cameras a few nights ago caught burglars breaking in.

"Some guys came up and tried to break through our roof through our AC," Pritchett said.

Even though marijuana is legal, criminals still try to steal it instead of buying it.

"They'll run through and try to take plants," Pritchett said. "They'll go for our dry room and try to get dry product. Just anything and everything they can get their hands on."

According to Guiliani, the same thing happened to at least four other marijuana shops in the past two weeks.

"I've had several customers broken into," Guiliani said. "I've heard about it all over town."

The alarms scared off the suspected robbers at Pritchett's shop before they could get away with anything. But they allegedly left a hole in the roof, broke a window and tore out the security cameras.

In all, there was about $5,000 in damage, a lot of money for the small family-run business.

"Literally, all of our lives depend on this place succeeding," Pritchett said. "One bad day here and you could lose it all."