Cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods in Denver

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DENVER -- If there is one thing most residents of Denver know, it's the fact real estate has become expensive.

"Outrageous," "increasing" and "insane" are some of the words people on the street use describe renting in Denver.

Now, thanks to the real estate website Zumper, we know which neighborhoods are the cheapest and the most expensive. 

The Golden Triangle -- the area bordered by Colfax Avenue, Speer Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue -- comes in as the most expensive with an average rent of $2,200 a month. The Central Business District come in right behind.

The cheapest neighborhood is Ruby Hill, the area bordered by Jewell Avenue, Mississippi Avenue and Federal Boulevard. Average rent there is $799 a month.

In the Golden Triangle, renters get less than 700 square feet for $1,600 a month. In Ruby Hill, renters can get a three-bedroom house with a patio and backyard for $1,300 a month.

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