Epipen maker offers coupons, discounts but some say they still pay

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DENVER — The national uproar continues to grow over the skyrocketing price of a life saving allergy drug.

The manufacturer, Mylan, is now offering coupons and discount cards to help with the cost.  But a local family found, depending on your insurance policy it may not do you any good.

Dina Clifford says her two children have potentially life threatening food allergies.

The kids carry Epipens in their backpacks and she makes sure there are extras stored at school and at home.

But what was a zero co-pay for the medication last year has skyrocketed to $275 for each of the six prescriptions they need.

When she tried to use a coupon from the manufacturer, her insurance company told her it did not have the ability to process the discount.

Clifford says the drug manufacturers and the insurance companies have to work together to make sure families have access to life saving medications.

The insurance company says it is looking into this specific situation, but adds the drug pricing system in general is broken and needs to be fixed.