CDOT to build headquarters in stadium parking lot; new parking structure to be built

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DENVER -- The Colorado Department of Transportation will build a new headquarters building in the parking lot of Sports Authority Field at Mile High, a spokeswoman said Friday.

The Metropolitan Football Stadium District sold part of Lot M to CDOT for the new building. That means 367 parking spaces will be lost.

CDOT said a new parking structure will be built as part of the new building, providing around 500 new parking spots.

Construction is set to start near the end of the year and is expected to be completed by early 2018.

The area is part of the planned 10-year Sun Valley neighborhood redevelopment project, managed by a city and private partnership.

"Redevelopment takes place throughout the rest of the city," said Chris Parr, director of the Sun Valley Eco District. "People are looking for those new areas of investment so Sun Valley is starting to make a lot of sense and we're now seeing the fruits of all the labor of planning."

"The redevelopment plans in the area," CDOT spokeswoman Amy Ford said. "With the stadium district and with Sun Valley and the neighborhood, we are excited to join such a diverse and historic district and so we're really looking forward to becoming neighbors."