Skydiving provides a view that's Unique 2 Colorado

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LONGMONT, Colo. – By far one of the best views of Colorado comes from the sky. It’s even better when you’re skydiving out of a plane, slowly gliding back down to earth with a parachute.

To get a glimpse of the view, Channel 2’s Kevin Torres tagged along with his friends Kip, Victoria, Logan and Andrew as they went on a skydiving adventure at the Mile-Hi Skydiving Center in Longmont.

Kevin was a chicken, so he watched as his friends took the leap. The flight up didn’t take long and the trip back to solid ground didn’t take long either.

Afterward, Victoria described it as, ‘Mind blowing!’ Kip was super giddy and urged the group to jump again, ‘[It was] really amazing! We’re actually going to do it again!’

Andrew and Logan were just as excited. They got to dive before anyone else.

To see the incredible views of Colorado’s Northern Front Range from their perspective, watch Kevin Torres’ ‘Unique 2 Colorado’ Report.

Aluminum Cans were created in Colorado

Here’s a little historic Colorado fun fact: did you know aluminum cans were created in Golden, Colorado? Coors started using them in the 30s, but made them more permanent in the early 50s.

Aluminum was used to can beer because it was one of the only kinds of material that wouldn’t affect the flavor of beer.

These days, mostly every brewery or soda company used aluminum cans.