Golden girls and best friends just graduated college

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Just when most folks are retired and taking it easy, best pals Shirley Sweeden, Evelyn Lyons and Jean Johnston have just started to ratchet-up life's experiences.  Literally.

Back in 2014, the lofty ladies learned how to soar the baby blue Colorado skies in a hot air balloon.  Later, they learned to scuba dive the baby blue water at the Denver Aquarium.

Now, understand the total life experience for these golden girls is 271 years.  Almost three centuries.  Lyons and Johnston are both 92 years old, and Sweeden will add, "I'm the young one, I'm only 87."

Their recent lesson in life?  You can always learn something new, and the ladies are being recognized for just that.

They just graduated from the Clermont College of Creative Life.  It's a series of non-accredited classes taught where they all live, at the Clermont Park Retirement Community.

One of the instructors, resident Al Binford, teaches business management at the college and remembers the girls fondly.

He said they were great students who paid attention and asked a lot of intelligent questions.  However, Binford admits he is glad the girls are now graduates, because he says, he can start dating them.