Coloradan develops app designed to assist in police traffic stops

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DENVER -- A Colorado inventor has developed an app with the intentions of reducing the recent violence we have seen nationwide during traffic stops.

Salida, Colorado native Brian Cumby says he had trouble knowing exactly what his rights were when pulled over by police. So he took his curiosity and developed it into an app, called Copwise.

“I started doing some research and I found out my rights are quite a bit different than what I thought they might be,” Cumby said.

The first thing that happens when you open up the app is an automatic audio recording.

“You can then use that in court as evidence for you,” Cumby said.

It also has a resource area where you can read up on your rights. And if you don’t know what to say, the app can say it for you.

“Sometimes people get aggravated or nervous or just have trouble talking to police so this kind of helps people with an alternative,” Cumby said.

The developer also believes it is a positive tool for both civilians and law enforcement.

“If we understand what our rights are and they understand what their rights are then it helps both sides and helps to not escalate the situation,” Cumby added.

Copwise is available for iOS and Android for $2.99.