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Suspects in Lookout Mountain graffiti video identified, 1 charged

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GOLDEN, Colo. — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has identified the two men shown vandalizing boulders on Lookout Mountain over the weekend.

18-year-old Stanley Stettler has been given a  given summons for defacing property. The second male in the video was not charged.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shared the YouTube video of the man following the suspects on Monday.

In the video – posted by a YouTube user with the alias Bob Sanders – bright orange spray paint is seen on boulders.

The man tells FOX31 he and his fiance heard rattling spray paint cans in the distance so they went to investigate and found two young men spraying boulders.

He then pulled out his cell phone and began recording the vandals in action, even walking right up to them to capture their faces on camera.

“I’m not afraid of confrontation,” the man said. “I’m a person that goes into nature every weekend. I moved to Colorado for nature and to see someone deface it for seemingly no reason is heart breaking.”

One of the suspects’ faces can be seen in the video, the other suspect hid behind a t-shirt when on camera.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t recommend doing what the videographer did, but thanks to his actions they caught the suspects.

“Someone who sprays graffiti on our mountains and rocks, they’re not the smartest one in the room,” said Mark Techmeyer, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

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