Englewood residents say new business turning alley into ‘junkyard’

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Residents in an Englewood neighborhood say a "junkyard" is growing near their homes.

The owner of Cedars Automotive moved in recently at 3800 S. Jason St. and neighbors said the business is using an alley as a storage area.

Frustrated residents turned to the FOX31 Problem Solvers after they said the city is doing nothing to stop the growing pile of stuff from taking over the area. But the city said it's all legal.

"This alley's always been empty," resident Dale Strange said. "All this stuff started appearing the in alley. And it just keeps filling up more with what I call junk."

Strange has lived in a home that backs up to the alley for more than 15 years. He said the stuff he calls junk includes old tires, speakers, crates, rusting cans and two animal cages holding chickens and three dogs.

Strange said it's attracting raccoons, mice and rats.

"Anything that wants to live back there can. Rats, mice, whatever because it's just piles of junk."

Strange said Englewood city enforcement told him the owner is up to code.

"That the city does different projects I thought, yeah, they have bike trails, things like that. Little parks or whatever. Not a junkyard," Strange said.

Other residents agreed, saying what used to be an alley they walked through has become an eyesore, even a health issue.

"They gave him the whole alley to use as a junk, you know, to store his stuff or whatever," Strange said.

The owners of Cedars Automotive said what they are doing is legal and even denied there were chickens being kept there.

No one from the city's code enforcement and animal control responded for comment.

Neighbors just want things cleaned up, but the business owner said he has no plans to change anything.


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