Dramatic video shows rescue of woman, dog from sinking car in Louisiana flooding

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BATON ROUGE, La. -- Three men in a boat stumbled on a woman's nearly submerged convertible just in time and struggled to pull her out as the car filled with water from historic floods in Louisiana.

“Oh, my God, I’m drowning, I’m drowning,” the woman said in a faint voice, as captured in a video.

“We’re coming, we’re coming,” one of the men said.

They tried to smash the passenger side window.

“Please help me,” the woman said.

One man asked for a knife to cut the soft top and hopped on the trunk of the car, which was still sticking in the air with the rest of the car nose-dived into water, quickly sinking.

As the underwater car started to float away under his weight, the man jumped into the water, frantically ripping at the soft top to no avail. Then, he reached in the car’s driver-side window, trying to reach the victim.

Just when it looked like she was lost, the woman stuck her arms out of the water toward him. He got a good hold and pulled her to safety. She popped up through the water and announced they needed to rescue one more victim.

“Get my dog, get my dog,” she said, her frantic voice, choked with water. “Get my dog, now. I’ll go down.”

“I can’t get the dog,” he said, as he felt inside the submerged convertible.

He ducked under the water to reach into the car.

“Maybe she’s gone,” said one of the men in the boat.

“No -- she better not be,” the woman said, her voice strained.

The rescuer re-emerged and exhorted: “I got your dog.”

He held up the small, white, terrier-looking creature, turned to the victim and in a calmer, more exhausted but happy voice said: “Swim for the boat.”

The woman and her dog appeared to be OK.


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