18 rescued golden retrievers have forever homes

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ARVADA, Colo. -- In June, a group of golden retrievers were rescued from Turkey and flown into Colorado to find forever homes. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies said all 18 dogs have new homes and are doing incredibly well.

According to the group, Turkey has been dealing with an awful golden retriever situation for a long time.

Back then, the rescue’s executive director, Kevin Shipley, said golden retrievers were once viewed as a status symbol in Turkey. But these days there are too many of the dogs, so a lot of the time people just let them run free in the wild to fend for themselves.

Fortunately, the 18 goldens rescued in June have wonderful new homes now. Here’s an update on each dog from the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.

Chester (now Hank) loves his toys and is pure love and affection. He will be training as a therapy dog soon. He also loves his Aussie/Border Collie sibling side kick.

Alta (now Sam) from “Sam I Am, Green Eggs and Ham”. His routine is play-nap-play-nap, etc. He’s getting along with his big brother, Bailey, great.

Chloe (now Tellie) is a very sweet and wonderful girl. She has adapted easily to our life at the house in Summit County and living with her 2 buddies, Summit (12-1/2 yr old Golden), and Tucker (4-1/2 year old Golden lab) and the rest of the family.

Casey is our dream come true! She loves running around the backyard, getting groomed, playing with her plethora of toys, car rides, and especially her morning and evening walks. She and her rescue story are the “talk of the neighborhood!”

Penrose (Money-Penny from the James Bond series) is settling in wonderfully. She has been enjoying long walks, exploring the beautiful trails in Evergreen. She loves the car and taking naps on our deck. More importantly, she is always on the look out for those pesky squirrels, chasing them out of our backyard. Who knows, she may soon be climbing trees running after them

Bennett (now Wrigley) After he lounges in the backyard with his favorite toy, it looks like he has just gotten “ants in his pants”. He comes tearing into the house and runs around like he’s got this energy he needs to get rid of. Then, just as quickly, he lays back down and is sound asleep. It’s incredible for all he’s gone through in his short life that he can be so sweet and endearing.

Truman Trinidad (now Woody Rambler) Thank you GRRR for bringing this guy to us from Turkey. He is such a sweet boy and has bonded with our other Golden, Cody (also from GRRR two years ago). Woody loves to play with tennis balls and finds tremendous joy in hiding the ball in a wrapped up blanket and then shaking the blanket to find the ball. We are still working on him chasing rabbits and squirrels, but so far he is loving life in his new forever home.

Cricket has been here for several weeks now. Such a wonderful spirit and loving nature. She loves playing fetch with tennis balls in the backyard. She is an amazing dog and has melded into our pack with no hesitation whatsoever.

Watson has adjusted to his new home very well. He enjoys rolling in the grass and chasing squirrels! He is a real sweetheart!

Ginger is like a perfect mini red Golden Retriever. She loves her big brother, Rookie and is super well behaved.

Cora-Tillie (now Tina) is very sweet and loves to play with her siblings, living the good life in Boulder. She came over with a genetic medical issue that is being treated, but still is a fun little sweetie. Tina likes to play and go swimming with her buddy, Gryffindor. When Gryff leaves at the end of the day to go home, Tina stands at the gate and cries. They have a blast playing together.

Sierra (now Georgie) Since traveling half way around the world, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind for Georgie! She is settling into life quite nicely, even making herself comfortable on the couch! We can see the puppy coming out with each day! Callie loves to hop around and woof at Georgie, but she has no idea what she’s talking about - Georgie speaks Turkish! Georgie is slowly figuring out the rough house play time. It’s pretty fun, but overall she can be little timid. She’d be just as happy curling up in our lap. Georgie’s favorite pastimes include SWIMMING, morning and evening walks, playing with the toys in the toy box, chasing cottontails in the backyard, car rides and hanging out with Cal and her grandma, Claudia. Thank you, GRRR for choosing her to make the journey of a lifetime. She’s a lucky, happy girl … Let the Golden times roll! Woof.

Parker has been a joy and a new experience for us! We’ve never had a young dog who is this active! She is also a snuggler who loves to jump up in our lap. Parker loves to chase balls, birds, squirrels, bury bones and lay on the floor where it’s cool. We are enjoying her so much!

Sophie is a delightful companion and I feel very fortunate that we found each other. She loves her forever home and has made lots of new friends on our daily walks. She is eager to please and has learned English much faster than I could master the four Turkish commands you gave me. From her initial reaction, I’m guessing she never saw a squeaky toy in Turkey. She has a basket full of them here. Seeing how much joy they bring her makes me very happy.

Durango (now Tosh) is loving his life with new dad, Austin. Hiking and playing outdoors is perfect for him.

Dillon (now DAsh) likes intense negotiations with squirrels and sleeping with his face under the rose bush. Dash is assimilating quite well. He loves to play with his big brothers, puppy Thatcher and George. He’s pretty smart for a little dog who has lived most of his life in a shelter. He is very affectionate, a sweet boy, and a most welcome addition to our home.

Daisy (now MIA) is one year old and lives a carefree life with parents, Leslie and Roger, and her 7-year-old Golden sibling, Bella, in Colorado Springs. Mia’s already been camping and hiking and exposed to the grandchildren. She is smart and coming along with puppy behavior.

Gus is the last of the TDs to get adopted due to the need to address some medical issues. He’s a big goofy sweetie with boundless curiosity. Everything is a new experience for this boy. If you sit on the floor with him, you are fair game for wrestling.

Lallah - A Turkish refugee at home in the Colorado Mountains Lallah (it means ‘Little Tulip’ in Turkish), was named Bailey when she first arrived at GRRR. We decided to give her a Turkish name, and it allows us to say ‘We live in Lallah Land’ and use nicknames like ‘Lallah-palooza.’ When I first became aware of the rescue efforts through the Atlanta rescue group, I thought about how neat it would be if GRRR were involved in something similar, and a couple weeks later, you announced you were bringing in the first set of Turkey Dogs! Having lost our grand handsome rescue boy EdGRRR (his photo is in the December calendar page) about six months before, we jumped at the chance to welcome a Turkey dog into our home, and were fortunate to be among those selected for the first ten. Meeting that whole group was a joy and a quandary, as, like a lot of you, we wanted them all, and it was difficult to choose. Bailey was younger (two) and smaller, and getting to know her, especially with her unique coloring and vibrant personality, made our final decision easier. She was sweet, and so centered, even with all she must have been through being abandoned. Going through the rescue process, we could not help but be impressed and of course, fall in love with her. She has quickly adapted to our routines, walks, training and her home and yard. And like so many Goldens, she seems to sense this is now her ‘forever’ home and family and seems ever grateful. After a period of adjustment to her new surroundings in the central mountains, she has become so sociable and friendly that all our friends and the dog sitters just love her. She will still chase squirrels (a plus in our yard), is amazed by deer and domestic livestock, has doggie friends, and loves to go for rides and hikes. Her favorite place is in bed with mom and dad in the early mornings. She is fond of ‘collecting’ different footwear and bringing them into the bedroom where she waits for us when we’re running errands. Lallah will be a joy in our life for years to come and we thank everyone at GRRR for their heroic efforts to rescue these Goldens and provide them with wonderful lives here in Colorado. Dan Smith and Lee Coveney

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