2 vehicles donated to in-need family after child hit by car

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DENVER -- A local organization helped an Aurora family in need after a 5-year-old boy suffered traumatic brain injuries following a car crash in January.

It has been seven months since Preston Jungwirth was hit by a car while walking with his brothers to the grocery store near the family’s Aurora home.

“You don’t realize that your life can change in the blink of an eye, and now we’re living proof of that,” said Preston’s mother, Jenna Quenzer.

Preston requires 24-hour care with his mom always at his side. Her partner, Colonta, works full time to support their family.

Struggling financially, the family needed a reliable form of transportation for Preston and his wheelchair to take him to his medical appointments.

That’s where Nancy Fitzgerald, with the Butterfly Foundation (a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping women and their families) stepped in.

“This is just an amazing family that just has had a tragedy happen,” Fitzgerald said.

It’s a feeling that hits close to home for Fitzgerald, as she nears the two-year anniversary of her husband Patrick’s death. She said Patrick was hit and killed while riding his bicycle home from work in 2014.

“If you can give something good from something horrible, then I think that’s healing,” Fitzgerald said. “I think that’s cathartic.”

The Butterfly Foundation, with the help of iFleetDIRECT, donated two vehicles to Preston and his family: A 2013 Toyota Sienna for Preston’s transportation and a 2012 Ford Fusion for Colonta to get to and from work.

“That’s amazing,” Colonta said.

“I didn’t expect this,” Quenzer said. "Beyond grateful. … It’s going to be so much better. I don’t have enough words to explain how ecstatic we are.”