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Tech: 2 New Digital Notepads from Boogie Board

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Scibble N' Play on the left, Jot 4.5 featuring Clearview on the right

I see a lot of gadgets over the course of a year.  A LOT!  After all, it's my job.  Many go by the wayside but one of the coolest gadgets that actually has a place in our home is the Boogie Board.  It's a digital notepad that uses digital ink technology.  I've reviewed a few of them in the past.  I had a chance to check out 2 of the newest Boogie Boards that are perfect for back to school.

Scribble N' Play - $35

The Scribble N' Play is clearly designed with kids in mind.  It's the first Boogie Board that draws in color.  You can't choose specifically which color but when you write, it appears in a rainbow pattern across the screen.  It also has 4 yellow styluses with different tips on the shell that slide on and slide off.  I LOVE that they have a home, it makes it that much more difficult for kids to lose them.  I have 3 kids, I know how important it is for things to have a storage spot!

Aside from the fun whimsical look of the Scibble N' Play and the rainbow pattern drawing, it works like any other Boogie Board.  Draw to your heart's content, press the button and the screen goes blank.  As long as you don't push the button, your image stays on the screen forever.  That's the beauty of digital ink!  The battery will last for years.

If I'm being picky, I wish there was a way to save your child's art.  Sure, you can simply snap a picture on your smartphone before you hit the button but a save button with a few gigs of memory would be cool too.

The Scribble N' Play is the perfect drawing pad for a young child and they'll have a blast trying out the different stylus tips.  No more going through paper like you own a mill.  It's priced right at just $35.

Jot 4.5 featuring Clearview - $20

I reviewed the first Boogie Board with a translucent screen a few months back.  It's designed for kids and designed for tracing.  I loved the idea then and I love it now in a smaller form factor.  The Jot 4.5 is exactly what you would expect from a small Boogie Board but with a screen that you can see through.  It's perfect for kids tracing letters or pictures.

Like the other Boogie Boards there is one button, press it and the screen goes blank.  The included stylus clips to the corner and there is an included plastic cover that clips to the front to protect the screen.

It's simple and fun to use and sells for $20.

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