Police continue search for suspects in gang shootout that killed one

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DENVER -- Nearly a week after a downtown Denver shootout left one dead and one injured, the Denver Police Department said there are still no suspects or arrests in the case.

Bullet-riddled cars and walls, shattered glass, and evidence markers covered the parking lot at 18th and Market streets on July 30.

The shootout happened just after midnight. Police said a confrontation between two Denver gangs led to the shootout.

Police initially said more than 100 shots were fired, but sources close to the investigation said it was actually closer to 200 and at least 15 weapons were used.

Gailen Armstrong died.  Another man was injured.  Police said the two were together when they were shot.

“Anyone that would take the life of someone else, I would say that’s not your life to take,” said community activist Jeff Fard, who held a vigil Sunday where the violence took place.

Armstrong’s young son was also there.

“Gailand’s son sitting at the spot where his father was murdered, probably not even far from the blood stains. What do you think that young baby is thinking?” Fard said.

It was in this same parking lot last Labor Day where four were injured in a shooting that sources said also involved the same gangs as the July 30 shootout.

“They do everything they know how to get attention and guess what, 100 shots later, they’ve got our attention,” Fard said.

Fard said police are cracking down in the neighborhoods where both gangs reside. He also said this won’t stop with arrests and incarceration, and that more needs to be done to stop the continued cycle of violence spilling into downtown Denver streets.

“We have a lot of hard work to do, a lot of heavy lifting to do and I believe we have the hearts and the ability to do that work,” Fard said.

Police said there were no updates Friday. They also said they have no suspects and no one in custody.

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