Amusement parks that are Unique 2 Colorado

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DENVER – Few states have the sort of rich, historic and unique amusement parks like Colorado. From Lakeside to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, there’s plenty to do and see!

Lakeside is by far the oldest amusement park in our state. It first opened in 1908 and has continued operating in the same location since then. At $3 per ticket, it’s also one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) amusement park to attend in Colorado.

Then of course, there’s Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park. The park itself is also historic, but moved to its current location in 1995. These days it features some of the fastest and entertaining amusement park rides in Colorado!

Up in the mountains, in Glenwood Springs, is a unique park called, ‘Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’. It features ‘America’s Highest Elevation Roller Coaster’ and a Giant Canyon Swing. Which are both entertaining!

While those parks are dedicated to land rides, parks like ‘Water World’ give land locked Coloradans something they desperately want: water rides! The park opened in 1979 and features close to 50 attractions!

There are also some amusement parks that never took off after popping up in Colorado. Watch Kevin Torres’ ‘Unique 2 Colorado’ segment to learn more about them.

Our thanks to Steve Turner, the Executive Director of History Colorado – as well as our friends over at the History Colorado Museum – for adding their expert analysis into this story!

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