Geese shot with arrows in Perry Park

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PERRY PARK, Colo. -- Two geese were shot with arrows, with one of them going through a head of a goose, at the pond in Perry Park, the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center said.

Members of the center tried to catch the goose with a net but couldn't get it to come to shore. Crews will return Wednesday in an attempt to rescue the goose.

Members of the community are raising money as a reward to catch those responsible, the center wrote on its Facebook page.

"Animal abuse is a felony in Colorado," the center wrote on its Facebook page. "Additionally, geese are State and federally protected, so if this person is caught, they'll be looking at fines and jail time, and points assessed against their hunting and fishing licenses. If you see this person or suspicious people/behavior around the pond (or anywhere else, anytime,) please catch what you can on your cell phone and contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 719-227-5200. There may be a reward as well via Operation Game Thief."

Perry Park is in southern Douglas County, off Colorado Highway 105, about 15 miles southwest of Castle Rock.

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