Blake Shelton performing free show at Grizzly Rose on Thursday night

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DENVER -- County singer Blake Shelton announced he'll be performing at the Grizzly Rose on Thursday night -- and it's free.

"I haven't been to the grizzly rose in years... This will be epic," Shelton tweeted Thursday morning.

People started lining up outside the Grizzly Rose less than an hour after Shelton announced the free show on Twitter.

On Wednesday night, Shelton performed a free concert at Whiskey Tangos in Kansas City, Mo.

Shelton posted a time-lapse video of the line to get in the door.

Later, Shelton tweeted that he had so much fun that he was going to do it again the next night. He said he was heading somewhere about 10 hours away, then posted a very ambiguous photo of the highway.

On Tuesday, Shelton tweeted, "I have the day off and a map of the United States in front of me. Where should I go?"

A fan asked, "Are you doing a free concert again?"

"Well I was just thinking of going somewhere but hell I guess I could," Shelton responded.

Later he tweeted, "Ok.. I got the band together. They're ready.. Now where too?!!"