More water might not be the answer to turn brown lawns green

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DENVER -- In the dog days of summer, signs of heat are everywhere.  And that includes lawns.

Even though a mint julep  sounds good, now is the time to give your landscape a little love.

Jevard Hitch with the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado offers up three easy ways to save water, save money and save face when you impress your neighbors with your new found sweet water saving skills.

Visually inspect your sprinkler system

“Make sure all the heads are firing at full pressure, that they are all lined up on the yard and that they are straight up and down,” said Hitch.

Swap out not-water-efficient sprinkler heads

Get the newest water savers.  The new kind sends out larger water droplets, which reduces evaporation.  That means more water reaches the roots.

Use a drip emitter instead of the spray kind on plants

A little elbow grease now, Hitch said, will be well worth the return.  And you might still have time for that mint julep.