Hail causes tremendous damage to couple’s Greeley apartment unit

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GREELEY, Colo -- A couple in Greeley is living in a mess after a powerful hailstorm tore a hole in their roof. All of a sudden, their bedroom had a waterfall in it.

The family said they they have had a leaky roof for a couple of years. The building's owner had roofers come out to fix it, but it was no match for the hailstorm that roared through last week.

The storm ruined some of the family's bedroom furniture too. Unfortunately, they do not have renter's insurance.

On top of that, because the ceiling is in pieces, they're facing a new set of problems. Above the drop ceiling is a popcorn one and it has asbestor. It's not harmful unless it's disturbed.

The family has two young children and now they're worried about their health. Moving isn't an option because of costs. They just hope this is a lesson for others.


The family said the landlord is coming Thursday morning to start removing the asbestos, but they need help getting a new mattress because probably has asbestos as well.