Little boy catches big fish with ‘Spider-Man’ fishing gear

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AURORA, Colo. -- A little boy has a whale of a tale to tell after catching a trophy-size fish at Cherry Creek State Park earlier this month.

Colin Evans decided to take his son Tristan fishing a few days before the boy’s fifth birthday. The pair are regulars at Cherry Creek State Park. Evans said they were not having great luck on the lake that day but decided to try a new spot before going home.

Tristan had asked his dad several times to use a large lure that looks like a real fish. The lure had sat on the boat unused for about eight years.

Evans said the lure is too big for most of the fish in Cherry Creek and didn’t want his son to use it. At the end of the day, Evans finally said yes and tied it to the end of his son’s toy fishing pole.

A few minutes later the boy yelled “I think I got one.”

Evans said he was sure the large lure was caught in the rocks on the bottom or got stuck on part of the boat.

“I kind of thought maybe we were on the anchor,” Evans said.

The boy started reeling in the line, and that’s when Evans said he realized there was a fish on the end of the line.

“When I grabbed his pole I felt it go down,” he said.

Evans stepped in to help his son reel in what turned out to be a 28-inch walleye. Tristan caught it using a Spider-Man themed toy fishing pole, which is about the same size as the fish.

“When I saw that fish I lost it,” Evans said.

A friend who was also in the boat with them caught the whole thing on camera. Tristan was scared of his big catch, so he let his dad handle it instead. They snapped photos with the fish and then let it go.