Ask the Trainer — Sculpting shoulders

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DENVER -- Tank top arms start with sculpted shoulders. We don’t naturally do a lot of overhead lifting, so our your shoulders are probably weaker than some of your other muscles. But, that also means that you could see results pretty quickly with this short circuit.

“A lot of the different body parts that women admire on other women don’t look that way because that women is skinny, it’s because she’s got muscles and she’s got definition,” said Doug Quinlivan, a trainer at Ascent Fitness.

So, let’s get to it! Grab a set of dumbbells. You’re going to do five exercises, 20 times each.

“We’re going to start with just a basic Overhead Shoulder Press. Elbows bent slightly more than 90 degrees.”

Raise them up nice and controlled. Doug said if you’re lifting heavy weight, you might consider standing against a pole or sitting on a bench to avoid arching your back.

“Next thing we’re going to do is a Lateral Raise, so feet together, stand up nice and tall. You’re going to have just a slight bend in your elbow. Then you’re going to bring those weights right out to the side.”

Just make sure to keep your shoulders down as you raise your arms up.

Now, a Front Delt Raise. Start with your palms facing your sides. Then, raise your arms up as you rotate your palms to face the floor. Reach to just above shoulder height. If you’re using heavier weight, again, don’t arch your back as you lift.

Rear Delt Fly comes next. Bend your knees slightly and bend forward so that your back is almost parallel to the floor. Then, arms up and out.

Doug said, “Now if we were doing this for a back exercise, you would be focusing on pinching the shoulder blades together. But, since we’re focusing on the shoulders, I really want you to think about that. Don’t worry about your back.”

Finish with an Upright Row. “Raise your hands right up there, your elbows end up above your shoulders and your hands end up right under your chin.”

There you go, 100 reps for perfect shoulders.

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