The story of 'Mike the headless chicken' is legend in Fruita

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FRUITA, Colo. — On Colorado’s Western Slope, along the Utah border, sits a tiny town called ‘Fruita.’ It’s the sort of place outdoor adventurers love, given its rocky terrain.

But for plenty of other people Fruita is known for something quirky: a headless chicken named ‘Mike.’

As the story goes, a local farmer brought one of his chickens out back to chop its head off - so he and his wife could cook it up for dinner. But in the process, the farmer missed the chicken’s jugular and the brain stem.

A lot of people think the story is a myth, but it’s actually a fact.

Our Kevin Torres looked into it in this edition of ‘Unique 2 Colorado.’ For the full story, watch Kevin’s report from Fruita.

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