5 people displaced after tree falls on Denver house

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DENVER -- It’s a scary sight that has neighbors shocked after a large silver maple tree fell on a house Saturday night while residents were still inside. The tree was still on the house Monday evening.

Neighbors said it sounded like a roar of thunder that could be heard blocks away.

“The weather was really strange, raining on and off. Then, just this rushing sound. It was really weird,” neighbor Roy Davis said.

The tree fell around 5 p.m. Saturday on North Columbine Street. Two second-floor residents and their dogs were inside at the time. A neighbor said it might have been more than just a stormy night that caused the tree to snap.

“It looks like it was probably rotting from the bugs or had rotted and bugs were living there. You can see all the bugs crawling around on the base of the tree,” neighbor Kim Roalson said.

The home was occupied by five renters and according to Roalson, was never quite in the best shape.

“The yard was never taken care of unless the tenants were out there gardening,” Roalson said.

Residents said the scene will make them take a second look at their tree’s condition. All five tenants have been displaced but they were all uninjured.

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