Stolen truck returned with other people’s stolen stuff in it

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DENVER -- A stolen truck was returned with a lot more inside than the owner bargained for. Now she’s trying to find the rightful owners to the property left behind.

They probably aren’t the keys to life, but to someone one of the keys might make life a little easier.

“I think this is probably a motorcycle key.  There’s Tweety Bird.  These are somebody’s keys,” said Nikki Ozzello, owner of ORC Concrete Solutions whose truck was stolen earlier this month.

“People work too hard for their things.  I think its just horrid that they can just come take it."

The truck, named “Big Bertha,” was locked and parked on a Denver street when it was stolen in the overnight hours.

“Big Bertha was the first truck that we got when we started the business in 2008,” Ozzello said.

It was returned after police found it parked in a Commerce City driveway.

“She’s in bad shape.  But we’re happy we got her back,” Ozzello said.

Ozzello said the truck's tires, toolbox and all the tools inside were taken, but left behind was a truckload full of items, including the tools used to steal them.

“There were a lot of keys like in these pockets,” Ozzello said, pointing to the truck's driver’s side door. “There were broken locks where the shackles had been cut through. Bolt cutters.”

Knowing what it's like to have her livelihood stolen, Ozzello is looking for the rightful owners.

“A lot of people are looking to make a buck off of you. … These are expensive keys, these cost a lot,” she said.

For her, helping others is the key to moving on.

“I have a really hard time with thieving. We work too hard,” Ozzello said.

Ozzello put an ad on Craigslist, hoping someone might recognize their set of keys. If so, she can be reached at