McLaren driver in Denver runs through stop sign, skateboarder takes out frustration

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Warning: The video contains graphic language.

DENVER — Paul Gonzo was recording a Colorado sunset on Sunday night when a McLaren rolled up to Tejon and 16th streets in Denver.

The McLaren, worth more than $250,000 and coming down West 30th Avenue in front of Little Man Ice Cream, can be seen running a stop sign at the intersection before stopping in video that Gonzo posted to YouTube.

“Saw this McLaren run a stop sign and make a kid fall off his skateboard,” Gonzo wrote, but the collision was not captured in the video.

After the driver of the McLaren honks, a loud thump can be heard and several people standing in line outside the ice cream shop could be heard saying “Ohhhhh.”

The skateboarder then took off running, followed by a passenger in the McLaren who gave chase. Gonzo then moved in while still recording to show the windshield of the McLaren had been smashed.

The driver leans over to close the passenger door, then quickly drives away down Tejon Street.

“No idea what ended up happening after the car drove off. I guess the lesson here is DON’T RUN STOP SIGNS!” Gonzo wrote.

It’s not known if the passenger caught up to the skateboarder. The Denver Police Department said it has seen the video but no report on the incident has been filed.

The video has been seen more than 4 million times as of Thursday morning.