Denver girl starts YouTube channel to share love of music

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DENVER -- Somebody once said, “If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place.”

Phoebe, 8, of Denver, is doing her part, to make that happen.

“It's kind of like a guitar except it's much smaller and it's tuned different and it's a lot easier to play,” Phoebe said.

Even easier when you learn how to play from an 8-year-old.  Which is why she has launched her own YouTube channel.  She calls it “UkeTube.”  A kid teaching other kids ukulele lessons online.

“This is entirely her own idea.  She's been playing the (ukulele) for about two years, and she really wanted to teach other kids her love of the instrument,” said Anne Macomber, Phoebe’s mom.

Phoebe was at Rocky Mountain Recorders in Denver where Justin Davis, an audio engineer, gives her pointers on how to make the YouTube videos even better.  He said the ukulele is no longer just a kids toy.

“First, it's a great instrument to learn chords. There's only four strings and it's perfect for small hands and small frame and it's really simple to learn easy songs,” Davis said.

Phoebe doesn't exactly have millions of views yet.  But given her drive and determination, it's a good bet she will.

“I love the ukulele, and so the reason I want to teach people so they can play the ukulele and know how fun it is to play,” she said.

And who knows, maybe if everyone did play this happy instrument, the world really would be a better place.

“There's such a brightness about it and such a delight in playing it,” said her mom.  “I think wherever she wants to take it would be a joy to see.”