Pokemon Go causing headaches for metro-area law enforcement

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- As the Pokemon Go craze continues, it's causing more problems for law enforcement and communities in the Denver metro area.

The Westminster Police Department said it has become a stamping ground for the game. The City Hall complex, including the police station are both "Pokestops."

That means players are hanging around the area hoping to catch creatures.

Westminster police posted on their Facebook page saying they have some problems with their station being a "Pokestop."

Police said dozens of people were sticking around the city complex on Sunday night into the early-morning hours. Some were inside and some were just loitering outside.

City Hall is under construction, which poses a safety threat to many gamers walking around in the dark.

Officers said they also feel uneasy with the high volume of people because of the recent attacks on police officers across the country.

The police department has put in a request to remove its "Pokestop" status. Doing that will hopefully ease up on people hanging out in the area.

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