Colorado speech writers ‘stunned’ at Melania Trump’s alleged plagiarism

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DENVER -- Colorado communications consultant Andy Boian said he knew right away something was wrong.

“Within about 15 seconds of hearing her speech, I knew right away,” Boian said.

The “likeness” and “similarities” between Melania Trump’s speech and Michelle Obama’s from 2008 in Denver dominated the news cycle on Day 2 of the Republican National Convention.

Boain, a veteran speech writer, said anything resembling plagiarism is a major mistake for any speech-writing team to suffer -- one that almost always has consequences.

“I was stunned,” Boian said.

Boian said it takes seconds with some plagiarism websites to see if work is original.

“There is so much out there that you are able to check right away to see if this is original," he said.

Donald Trump supporters on Tuesday brushed off the criticism, saying that similarities occur with speeches all the time. Colorado Republican Chairman Steve House said this should not impact Trump going forward.

“If there is some level of coincidence, so be it. She's not running herself her husband is running,” House said.

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