Centennial neighbors have had enough of the construction traffic

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- Imagine million-dollar-plus homes moving in next to your neighborhood. It sounds like it would be a welcome development because property values would jump.

But some neighbors of the Centennial project say it’s coming at too high a price: Their peace of mind.

Neighbors in Greenwood South say construction of the new luxury homes at Marvella is getting really old. For two years, they say they’ve been dealing with the construction’s noise, smell and safety issues.

And while a sign leading into the neighborhood says “No Construction Access,” they say construction workers either don’t see it or don’t care.

“It’s gotten to the point of absolute craziness,” Greenwood South HOA president J.D. Mayotte said.

In his neighborhood, the constant roar of big rigs and other construction trucks make him see red.

“It consistently flows all day long,” he said.

As HOA president for 96 homes in the neighborhood, he has been fighting the construction convoy for two years.

”It’s the noise, the traffic, the trash,” he said.

He said Centennial and Greenwood Village won’t do anything.

“We are just looking for some help," he said.

So he called FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers.

“We are the first street to the west of that project,” Mayotte said about the new development Marvella.

He said no left-turns into the high-dollar community from westbound Orchard Road is the problem.

“It literally causes hundreds of trucks over the last couple of years to come into our neighborhood," he said.

They are trucks that quickly find they can’t access the construction site and make U-turns.

He and other neighbors document the truck traffic with photographs.

“Greenwood Village for some reason refuses to take a lead on the project and (allow left-hand turns into Marvella). So we all suffer,” Mayotte said.

But Greenwood Village said allowing traffic to turn left into Marvella would create safety issues and traffic backups on the busy, single-lane road.

“And now there is a new exit going to the backside of the Marvella project. So now we’re being attacked on both sides of the project,” Mayotte said.

The Problem Solvers called Centennial and officials said it can’t stop vehicles from driving on public, taxpayer-funded streets. But it will add three speed bumps in the surrounding Madison Park neighborhood to alleviate construction impacts.

“This is horrible. Rectify the situation,” Mayotte said.

A spokesman for the home builder, Century Communities, said it had a plan in place to alleviate the problem, but contractors haven’t followed it. So it will emphatically reinstate their wishes.

It wants its contractors to use Arapahoe Road to Holly instead of Orchard, which will loop them around and put them on a path to turn right into the project.

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